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Rivahil Winery



This Roussanne has notes of butterscotch and plum. Lots of upfront fruit on the palette, and the 100% new French oak barrels in which it was aged blend with it nicely. Roussanne typically benefits from a little cellar time, which will likely be the case with this one. It’s a very rich and full-bodied wine, but pair it with a roasted pepper with a little goat cheese melted inside, and wow! Crystalline crispness and minerality appear. Truly a great example of how wine and food pairings can affect the tasting experience. 

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This Viognier has a very nice floral character to it, almost like a soft, subdued white lily. This is a blend from a cooler Santa Maria vineyard and a warmer Foxen Canyon vineyard. The fruit from the two vineyards pairs together quite nicely, with one being a little more acidic, and the other, riper and lusher. Combining the two creates a nice balanced structure in this wine.

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